Legal Notes
This tool (a pastebin) is open for public use and free of charge. We provide it to aid software developing in first place and with no commercial intention at all. So, use it for good! Use of this tool is a *privilege* which may be revoked any time and for any reason.

We do not make any warranty about your use of this tool or the content you'll find here. Neither do we guarantee for anything to work properly nor shall we be held accountable for any damage resulting in (ab)use of any content found here. Also we are not responsible for loss of any content submitted to the pastebin.

Please do not abuse this tool, i. e. do not violate anyone's copyright, paste (confidential) credentials, propagate racism, porn and such. If you see that happen, please use the "Report abuse" link on the upper right section of a paste. We will then investigate. But please do not abuse the "Report abuse".

Any abuse noted will lead to a permanent ban.

The webserver-software logs the IP-address, date and time, Request Method, Request URI, Status Code, Referer and User-Agent for statistical purposes only. Oh, and for exclusion of course. These data will not be transferred to third parties.

This tool does not use cookies or sessions. There's only an unique key generated on a page load to reduce exhaustive SPAM by bots which is valid only once. It will expire some time after the page has been loaded. So if you load the tool and submit your content an hour later you might get a warning that your "Session expired". Just re-submit your content and you are fine with it. No data should be lost on the way.

The cake is a lie.

Google AdSense
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You might wonder: "Why another pastebin for God's sake?"
When writing our thesis my fellow student and I had to exchange source code and documentation a lot of time. Due to a nondisclosure agreement we couldn't use any public paste service without getting into trouble when anything of it would've gotten to publicity. Therefore we just wrote our own pastebin that we'd run on a laboratory server.

Now, as we don't need it any longer we moved it here and made it open for public use.

Just go to scroll down to the textarea and paste your content. It is recommended to also choose the language (as long as available) for an appropriate syntax highlighting. Finally press "Paste" to submit your content. The page will reload by itself showing your submission. To share it with others copy the link from the browser's address bar. Note the share button to the upper right side.

Submissions are stored for at least 1 month and then automatically removed after their expiration. Expiration here means when not being viewed for more than two weeks. A pastebin is designated e.g. to help developing code. Code snippets being developed are quite dynamic, so having a snippet stored for at least 1 month plus an additional offset (1 month from the moment when last viewed) is certainly enough. If you feel the need to get your submission removed earlier you are encouraged to use the report function. An option for setting a submission's TTL was never planned but might be implemented some day.

Paste size
Size of a paste is limited to 1 MiB (i.e. 1,048,576 Bytes).

Permanent paste
Some entries stay permanent as we found they are worthwhile. Regular users can't make their submissions permanent though.

Current version: 2.35-1615148457
Last modified on: Sun, 07 Mar 2021 20:20:57 +0000

Known issues
Large input may crash GeSHi syntax highlighter. Try without syntax highlighting.